Global Press Institute is an award-winning, high-impact social venture that uses journalism as a development tool to train and employ women in developing media markets to produce high-quality local news coverage that elevates global awareness and ignites social change.

What We Do

GPI is building a network of professional women journalists throughout the developing world who earn a fair wage for reporting on their local communities. Their unique coverage of issues overlooked by mainstream media contributes directly to the development and empowerment of their communities, brings greater transparency to their countries, and changes the way the world views their people and cultures.

Looking for a dose of inspiration? Watch GPI Story Makers to meet some of the women behind GPI.

Meet Our Founder

As a 25-year-old foreign correspondent, Cristi Hegranes realized there was a better way to tell stories from developing countries. Seven years later, her vision has created a journalism that empowers women, drives community development and encourages human connection. Hegranes believes journalism is a development tool, capable of elevating a global awareness of the human condition, increasing tolerance and promoting justice.

Want to learn more about Cristi? Watch this short video profile.

Our Model

GPI operates a training-to-employment program that builds the skills necessary for women around the world to become successful professional journalists and then provides them with long-term employment. Each woman who completes the training program receives a job offer at a fair wage to become a reporter for the Global Press Journal, the online publication of GPI.

To date, GPI has trained and employed more than 130 women around the world. GPI reporters learn to use their voices and their skills to give voice to voiceless populations in their communities.

Want to hear what their voices mean to them?  Watch My Voice Is, a video featuring GPI reporters around the world.

What Makes Our Journalism Different?

At GPI we adhere to the ethical principles and rigorous practice of traditional journalism. A sturdy recipe of training, story coaching, local sourcing and fact checking yield world-changing news coverage from some of the world’s most under-represented communities. Our reporters generate high-quality news content that is published on the Global Press Journal. Our news is marketed to dozens of partners around the world, ranging from small, local-language publications to major mainstream outlets such as Reuters and UPI. Thanks to GPI’s existing content marketing partnerships, more than 5 million people in 160 countries read GPI stories every month.

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Meet the Women of GPI

The women of Global Press Institute are some of the bravest and most-talented women on earth! Our reporters come from underprivileged, underrepresented communities in 26 developing countries. Our journalists include members of the untouchable caste in Asia, former sex workers in Africa and indigenous women in Latin America. Many reporters have no professional background in journalism and limited formal education when they join our program. Others have formal education and work experience, but live in communities where unemployment and dynamic opportunities for women are extremely rare.

Go behind the scenes to watch how GPI launched operations in Democratic Republic of Congo. Check out the feature videos and be inspired by the four women who are bringing GPI DRC to life.

GPI Congo Short from Global Press Institute on Vimeo.

Want to meet some of the women of GPI? Check out the series of videos below.

Meet Nakinti Nofuru, GPI Senior Reporter, Cameroon

Meet Ivonne Jeannot-Laens, GPI Editor, Argentina


GPI Photography by Paige Stoyer. GPI Videos by Casey Beck.