Natalia Aldana

Engagement Editor

Natalia Aldana is Global Press Journal’s Assignment Editor. She has held this position since December 2016, and is responsible for the management of global publication, the on-call talent network and story assets.

Natalia began her career with GPJ in 2013 as an editorial intern. Shortly after she became GPJ’s first Global Associate Editor, when she managed, edited and fact checked stories for publication. She then became the Regional Editor for the Americas. Her first exposure to GPI was in 2011 when she joined her university’s student newspaper and met the then-faculty adviser, GPI founder Cristi Hegranes.

Previously, she has interned at SF Weekly newspaper, and served as the Editor in Chief of The Pioneer newspaper. She has a bachelor’s degree in communication from California State University, East Bay. Natalia is the recipient of the Outstanding Journalist of the Year, Media Student of the Year, Broadcast Anchor of the Year and Journalist of the Year awards from the university. Natalia likes awards.

Natalia lives in Washington, D.C., and is a Bay Area native. When she’s not moving paragraphs around, Natalia enjoys listening to music, improving her culinary skills and thinking about exercising. She’s always working on a crossword puzzle, and thank you, but she does not want your help.