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Global Press Institute offers training-to-employment opportunities for women who live in developing media markets. Want to become a journalist covering your local community for a global audience? Apply today!

Global Press reporters in Indian-administered Kashmir.

Apply today!

Applicants should be aware that we only open news bureaus in select countries and communities each year. Please note that GPI offers long-term career opportunities. Trainees will be offered employment at the completion of the training program. Applicants should have a minimum of 20 hours per week to dedicate to the GPI contract.

Application Requirements

  • Prior journalism experience is NOT required.
  • English language skills are NOT required.
  • Basic literacy in your native language IS required.
  • Natural curiosity and passion for storytelling IS required.

Complete the form to start your journey to becoming an ethical, investigative reporter covering your community for the world. Incomplete entries will not be considered.

Active Recruitment

The deadline to submit an application for Tribal Nations has now closed. Thank you for your interest and will be in touch directly with those from whom we’d like to invite for an interview.

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