Invest In a Just and Informed World

At least 70 percent of foreign news bureaus have closed in the last 30 years. Nearly two thirds of U.S. papers have cut back on international news coverage. Copy editors and fact checkers, whose roles are to detect errors in accuracy, grammar and style, are being eliminated from mainstream news organizations.

We live in a time of extraordinary global consequence. When the majority of international news lacks diversity across geographies, race, class and gender, we’re not equipped with the perspectives and facts necessary to truly understand our world and our places in it.

Global Press is an industry leader in providing ethical, accurate international journalism from the least-covered parts of the world.

Global Press:

– Operates independent news bureaus in over 20 countries.

– Employs female reporters who represent different races, religions, tribes, castes and generations, which enables them to cover their similarly-diverse communities with knowledge and nuance.

– Uses a three-tiered fact checking process and a robust code of ethics that have made our reporters the journalists of record in their communities.

– Operates outside of the 24-hour news cycle to prioritize quality, context and nuanced analysis.

Supporting Global Press means investing in a world that values access to fair, accurate information. 


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