Cheer Captain.

I’m not superstitious. I’m not into fate. And I don’t generally credit “the universe” with much.

Yet sometimes, when “angels” literally fall from the sky and fundamentally alter the scope and impact of GPI, it is hard not to wonder just how much the good ole universe had to do with it.

While there have been hundreds of angels who have helped GPI along over the last 5 years – from reporters and board members to donors and volunteers — the “angel” currently having the greatest impact on GPI is a most unlikely character.

About 8 months ago, an internal decision was made at GPI to syndicate our exceptional news content in order to increase our readership and the overall impact of our work. We received more than 30 applications for the job of Content Syndication Director. We interviewed 6 finalists. But the very first resume we received was the favorite. The candidate was smart, dynamic and had a stunning background in media and marketing. He was, in many respects, “too big” for GPI. But he was full of ideas and full of passion for our work. It would be, the board of directors agreed, a major coo to get him. After a month of back and forth, the deal was sealed.

“How the hell did you get Dave Drimer?” one board member asked.

“I don’t know, but I did,” I replied.

In case you haven’t noticed, nearly every aspect of GPI has been taken to the next level over the last 6 weeks. You can already find syndicated GPI content in more than 30 outlets in the US and around the world. Our PR and social media initiatives have been beefed up too.

Dave brought a tool box full of new techniques and new ideas to GPI. But there is one other thing I am also grateful for – this man oozes passion for GPI.

As the founder of this incredible thing that has become GPI, it is amazing to have someone infuse ME with even more enthusiasm for our work. I have long been GPIs biggest cheerleader. But, I have been dethroned. There is a new cheer captain in town…and watch out world because he’s a big, bald, New Yorker.

Trust me, you just have to hear him start a sentence with, “Listen, I love the Global Press Institute because…” one time and you’re hooked.

On a daily basis, Dave not only syndicates our content, he advocates for the importance of our work. And his results are already tangible. We estimate that more than one million people per month now have access to GPI content. (That number was just 12,000 per month in 2010.)

GPI is fast becoming a global leader in authentic feature news from around the world. It’s been a big step for me as a leader, a founder, (and a control freak) to realize that I need help to make this organization grow and thrive.

And today, GPI is truly a team effort.

I built this program. Our reporters built the reputation for excellence. And Dave is building us a ladder to new audiences and new heights. Together we are climbing to a more prominent place in the new world of journalism.

p.s. Thanks Universe.