Associate News Editor

Title: Associate News Editor

Department: Global Press Journal

Status: Full-time

Location: Washington D.C.

Compensation: DOE full benefits, including 401k

Start date: Q3 2017

Please submit resume and detailed cover letter by July 15, 2017 to



Global Press has an 11-year track record of producing exceptional journalism from the least-covered parts of the globe. As a Global Press editor, you will become a powerful advocate for a new model of international journalism that redefines the expert and challenges legacy media definitions of news value. Global Press operates a one-of-a-kind editorial structure designed both to support the unique aspects of Global Press journalism, including the diversity of reporters, languages, time zones and cultural contexts, and to continue elevating the quantity and quality of our journalistic output.

Global Press aims to create systemic change in the field of international journalism and to revolutionize the business model by creating multiple ethical, sustainable revenue streams, revitalizing core editorial processes to ensure accuracy and accountability and repairing the lack of gender and racial diversity that has traditionally plagued newsrooms. Global Press is an employee-centered workplace that prioritizes employee wellness in a diverse, challenging, creative and humor-filled environment.

We are looking for an innovative, energetic and story-driven editor who will work with Global Press journalists across the globe to create world-class international journalism every day.



  • Support daily news production for Global Press Journal
  • Coach reporters to find stories, hone angles, dig into documents and create extraordinary narratives about their communities
  • Expediently leverage Global Press Journal’s local reporting for maximum impact by identifying and incorporating key global context details without losing the core or heart of each story’s on-the-ground flavor
  • Collaborate with editors at GP HQ to create hyper-specific editorial teams that include fact checkers, copy editors and multimedia producers, ensuring that each story has the best possible team to reach its highest potential
  • Create stories that recognize the bravery and ingenuity of Global Press reporters by challenging legacy media definitions of news value
  • Work with reporters to embrace and identify locally gathered data and robust anecdotal evidence
  • Collaborate with the Engagement team to ensure that stories reach the widest audience across the globe (Global Press stories are produced in local language and English)
  • Work hard, laugh hard and make a significant contribution to global journalism


Global Press is a diverse and thriving international media organization that seeks team members who:

  • Are equally committed to journalistic tradition and journalistic innovation
  • Employ discipline, generosity and humor in their daily work
  • Are willing to challenge the 24-hour news cycle and stereotypical definitions of international news value
  • Believe in the power of local women journalists to write and report undiscovered, high-value news stories
  • Thrive in a collaborative environment where team members can be honest with one another and always aim to be better today than they were yesterday


The successful candidate will have a minimum of 2 years of professional journalism experience that includes multimedia storytelling. Candidates with previous international experience and language skills will be prioritized.


  • Produce a daily array of clean, accurate local coverage stories with our talented team of reporters across the globe, supported by our wide network of fact checkers, copy editors, producers and translators
  • Use the internal Global Press content management system to manage and engage teams, and to ensure timely, high-quality production
  • Coach pitches to produce significant, interesting and new stories
  • Review first draft articles for accuracy, clarity and Global Press news value
  • Rewrite, edit and organize story assets to ensure greatest impact
  • Collaborate with colleagues to ensure timely, accurate completion of each story
  • Work with engagement teams to share ideas for social-only content to drive story engagement
  • Set and meet deadlines to ensure production goals are met
  • Take the necessary time to make each story exceptional
  • Experiment with story formats and content types to maximize story impact
  • Collaborate with Global Press Institute training staff to identify training needs across our unique reporter population
  • Engage with our global team of journalists with empathy and a shared commitment to excellence
  • Contribute ideas and energy to the Innovation Team to ensure Global Press is aggressively growing its brand footprint and global impact


Global Press exists to create a more just and informed world by employing local journalists to produce ethical, accurate news coverage from the world’s least-covered places.

Rejecting the mainstream model of foreign correspondence, which deploys elite outsiders on perpetual short-term assignments, Global Press trains and employs a diverse population of female journalists in the developing media markets where they live to produce context-rich, nuanced news coverage. Our stories, produced and disseminated in local language and English, provide local and global audiences with high-quality, professional news that elevates awareness and creates actionable opportunities for citizens.

Comprised of three brands that form a holistic social enterprise, Global Press is an international media company dedicated to reinventing both the craft and business of global journalism. Global Press operates a training program, Global Press Institute, an award-winning news publication, Global Press Journal, and an innovative syndication division, Global Press News Service.

Global Press aims to produce news from more than 100 countries, becoming the world’s leading news source from the developing world.